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“Love the Megasummit [2014]! Great information and very practical – I have already gotten lots of specific action items that will move my business forward. I also appreciate how you are sharing your own experience during the interviews, and asking clarifying questions so that we can understand everything the person is discussing (especially when there is a “techno-speak” word or phrase!). I look forward to the next few days and getting more practical specifics to apply in my business.”

~ Beth Schumaker, BrightStarLeadership.com

Get more from your coaching practice

  • Are you tired of working hour after hour one-on-one?
  • Would you like to increase your income without working more?
  • How about creating a community of like-minded clients who want to stay together?
  • Would you love to reach more people and help more people achieve the transformation they’ve been looking for?



These experts have been there, too. Learn their secrets and their mistakes, and save yourself time and energy.

Group coaching programs give you:

  • Satisfied clients who reach their goals
  • More free time for you
  • Increased income
  • Increased reach and impact

Discover exactly how they succeeded

I will take you behind the scenes, as 20 experienced group coaches teach you about:

  • Innovative ways for group newbies to get startedspeakers_group_GCS2015
  • The nitty gritty of running groups (what do you charge, how long is each session, etc.)
  • How to address your fears of running groups, and implement what you’ve learned
  • What mistakes to avoid
  • How to find your own style of group
  • And much more!



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“But what kind of group should I run?”

Learn the wide variety of groups that our experts have successfully run

Our experts will teach you about:

  • Beach retreats, complete with funnel (and fun)
  • Low fee programs that grow your list
  • Using body movement for insight in phone groups
  • Helping healers run transformational businesses
  • Small, high end business-building groups
  • Book writing groups
  • Using groups to barter skills and talents
  • Turning a program into a certification system
  • Succeeding with membership sites


“How do I fill my groups?”

We have business building experts! They’ll teach you:

  • How to get started without a big list
  • How to price your groups and get over your fear of selling
  • How to use stories to market your groups
  • Powerful marketing strategies that get results in a way that’s congruent with your passion and mission
  • How to set up a do-able marketing plan for your groups
Your Expert Speakers

Grand Opening Ceremony:

Innovation, Implementation and Income — Increase all Three by Running Coaching Groups!

In this “Welcoming Ceremony,” Gina will briefly introduce the Group Coaching Megasummit. She will then talk about the power of groups, and how Innovation, Implementation, and Increased Income all work together in a positive spiral to make you have more joy, freedom and the wonderful feeling that you’re impacting countless more lives. You will also learn 10 secrets for running better groups, including what you SHOULD do and NOT do. Some of these are activities that you seldom hear being discussed in this way, so don’t miss it! So that you will get the most out of these expert interviews, Gina will also give you the 7 important themes to look out for and understand during the Megasummit.

About Gina Hiatt, Ph.D.: Gina is a clinical psychologist, coach, and software entrepreneur. After 3 decades in private practice, she became a coach, and saw how her clients were struggling to achieve their goals. Realizing that they needed more structure, accountability, and community than one coach could provide, she created a membership site with those features. It became phenomenally successful in helping clients take action and reach their goals. As it grew, Gina hired coaches and started to earn passive income. Last year, she earned $455,000 in mostly passive income from that membership site.

A few years ago, Gina started thinking, “Who wouldn’t want passive income and a cost effective way to help clients?” So she created a second company — Finish Agent® Inc — and now licenses her software and business system to other change agents. Her goal is to help coaches help their clients make real changes, one small step at a time.


Permission To Sell: The Power of Pricing

Are you feeling like you’re working long hours in your coaching business, but your income isn’t reflecting the true value you are delivering? Are you spending far too much time doing discovery calls, only to find most prospects aren’t willing or able to pay for your services? Do you find yourself tempted to offer discounted rates just to secure your next client? Jeremy DeMerchant dives into the areas of positioning, pricing, and program design, sharing the journey that led him to hosting premium group coaching programs.

About Jeremy DeMerchant: Jeremy DeMerchant, International Best Selling Author, Speaker, and Sales Strategist is the founder of Permission To Sell Consulting Group. With over 17 years in sales and 13 years in coaching and sales leadership in the corporate arena, Jeremy decided to leave corporate politics behind, and focus his passion in supporting coaches on a global scale. With targeted support in the areas of sales conversations, pricing, and program design Jeremy’s mission is to help coaches earn their true value, and build a business that has a significant impact on clients while creating a life of flexibility and full of opportunities.


5 Ways Video Can Help Fill Your Group Coaching Program

Group coaching programs don’t work out financially unless you enroll enough clients to make it worth your while (in addition to giving them a good group experience, of course!). One fast way to build enough visibility and trust to fill your program is with the savvy use of video. We’ll talk about 5 innovative ways to use video and how to get past the “I don’t want to be on camera” issue.

About Sue Painter: Sue Painter is the founder of The Confident Marketer and an internationally respected mentor to solo business owners. A certified Book Yourself Solid coach and one of only two coaches for Ali Brown’s Elevate program, Sue focuses on building business acumen, using the right tools for your particular business, and building a community of support for her clients. She is a 4 time Amazon author, an engaging speaker, and is loved for sharing her deep wisdom about life as a business owner as well as her biz expertise.


Discover the #1 Skill that ensures your Group Coaching Success

In this practical and motivational session, you’ll learn:

  • the skill of presenting with passion and purpose to fill your group coaching programs and keep clients for life
  • how to choose from endless opportunities to present online or in person to attract clients – from networking events to webinars to interviews and more
  • the top techniques to overcome the fear of presenting (these apply to all presentations in all situations)
  • how to present with confidence, authenticity, empathy, and energy
  • the three biggest non-verbal mistakes presenters make
  • the value of stories…and when not to use them

About Niki Rebin: As a professor of communications and psychology, Niki taught 4 essential elements of successful group coaching: group dynamics, interpersonal communications, motivation and effective presentation skills. As a group coach, Niki employed these principles to help high level politicians, corporate executives and association leaders reach new professional and personal heights. Born into a family of renowned speakers, Niki learned that each opportunity to present is a privilege; and you honor that privilege by sharing your message with passion and purpose. Collectively, Niki and her parents have shared their message over 5,300 times on 5 Continents.


Get Your Story Straight!
‘Avoid the 3 Massive Mistakes Business Owners Make on their Websites that Repel Potential Clients’

Did you know that you only have 3 seconds to attract a new client on your website? And most small business owners set up a website that is actually repelling potential clients and they don’t even know it? Join story-based marketing expert Diane Currie Sam, as she explains how most Business Owners do their marketing entirely backwards, what costly mistakes you are making on your website, and how you can completely supercharge your brand with story-based marketing.

About Diane Currie Sam: Diane Currie Sam, BSc, MA is an award-winning business coach, a sales & marketing expert and master storyteller who has spoken on stages internationally and worked with hundreds of clients to initiate massive growth in their businesses through building story-based brands. She is the founder/CEO of “Be a Better Story” business services. Diane is a life-long innovator and entrepreneur, educator, and mother of two.


The Outsourcing Bible For Small Businesses: How to Find, Hire and Outsource for Less

Ashley brings 20 years of real world virtual management skills, and will teach you some of the most important recruiting and management essentials you need to succeed in online business. You’ll find out:

  • How to find, hire and work with a virtual assistant
  • The difference between an online business manager (OBM) and a virtual assistant
  • How to hire the best possible virtual help for your team
  • How to get the lowest rates for the highest quality work
  • How to avoid the pitfalls of unreliable and under­-qualified staff
  • If you’re paying too much for your current assistant
  • And more…

About Ashley Ryan: Ashley Ryan, Founder of Her Smart Marketing, is a female entrepreneur who plays big and means business. She’s consulted for Fortune 500 companies, bringing in 6 and 7-figure revenue for her clients through simple, uncomplicated savvy marketing systems.


Yes, You CAN Run Groups for Chronic Procrastinators!

Dr. Christine Li runs online accountability groups for clients interested in developing daily habits and also for clients ready to tackle long-term projects. As an expert in helping people suffering from chronic procrastination, Dr. Li has developed specific group coaching techniques to help members move out of shame and confusion. Her group clients develop insight, confidence, and better ability to communicate, through group and coach feedback on their thinking patterns, and a focus on accountability. Learn how to move your group from the beginning “closed” stage to a more vibrant, and “open” dynamic, and help all group members to develop confidence and openness in themselves in the process. Your clients will be able to think more clearly about their actions, to take action on their goals, and stop procrastinating!

About Christine Li: Christine Li is a clinical psychologist in private practice in New York and an expert in the area of procrastination. She has been blogging for the past two years at ProcrastinationCoach.com, sharing stories, tips, and methods to help her readers move past chronic Procrastination as she herself did. She realized in her own process of recovering from procrastination, that many of the methods for moving away from procrastination were easily teachable, so she decided to teach as many people as she could the way out of delay, avoidance, and stress and the way into living a full, productive, calm, and satisfied life.


How to Create a Marketing Plan for Any Size Group, From Mini-Courses to High-­End Virtual Group Programs

How would you like to generate $250,000 from one small year-long mastermind? That’s what Robert Middleton does every year. He also runs drill-deep-down short courses in specific areas of marketing, and a marketing membership site. In this information-packed presentation, Robert shares the detailed steps he takes to launch and market his info-products, classes and groups. He also will tell us what to include or not include in groups, depending on the pricing; and how to create a community feeling in groups so they help and support each other.

About Robert Middleton: Robert has been helping Independent Professionals for over 30 years to be more successful marketers of their services and attract more of their ideal clients. He works with his clients on developing effective written materials and crafting verbal approaches that make connections that lead to more sales and more income. Robert is the author of the InfoGuru Marketing Manual, The Website ToolKit and also runs the online membership program, The More Clients Club, since 2009.


3 Major Myths Coaches Believe That Prevent Them From Having All the Clients (and Cash) They Desire & Deserve!

Paul will deliver a wealth of innovative and useful ideas in this interview. For example, he has developed a technique he calls Pilot Program Profits to help you get started creating and delivering your group coaching program Learn about how you can get started without spending months (or years) preparing for a program that might not sell. Paul also has a unique take on the Launch model that most people use for marketing. which can cause the revenue roller coaster. Join us and discover:

  • The nasty rumor that has some coaches considering quitting their business and getting a J.O.B. (once you discover the truth, you’ll feel re-inspired and rejuvenated!)
  • An almost magical “L-word” that has the potentially to transform your coaching business and create True Freedom in your life and work
  • The TRUTH behind these nasty myths… and specific actions you can take to help more people than you’re helping today… and earn a LOT more money in the process!

About Paul Keetch: Paul Keetch is a coach and best selling author specializing in helping coaches, authors, speakers and other Purpose-Based Entrepreneurs create leverage in their businesses, by harnessing the power of technology to attract new clients and deliver powerful transformation, while also creating more free time so they can enjoy the fruits of their labours!

He has a knack for “decoding” technology for non-techie people, while keeping things FUN at the same time!


The Art of Group Coaching: How to give your ideal clients affordable access to your time and brilliance, and help even more people get the results they want

So many coaches love to work with groups and are really good at it, yet they are not sure how to fit their past group facilitation experience into a group coaching.

Have you been wondering exactly what group coaching is and why you should offer it in your business? Well, it’s simple…

  • Every coaching business needs some type of group program
  • Very few coaches have been trained to do group coaching
  • It’s affordable for your clients, creates a close community around you, and brings in more income in less time – a true win-win-win

About Karen Cappello: Karen Cappello is what Malcolm Gladwell calls an “outlier” in Group Coaching. Karen has spent over 10K hours in the past twelve years learning about, being trained on, and conducting group coaching and facilitation. Karen offers a Group Coaching Practicum and Certification course for coaches wanting to create deep and quality coaching experiences at an affordable investment for their clients…all with a spiritual foundation.


The 5 Fatal Flaws of Coaching Groups and the Secrets to Solving Them with Online Groups

Although group coaching has tremendous advantages to the client and coach, there are also problems, or Fatal Flaws, built in to the current models of group coaching. Because of these Fatal Flaws, clients are not getting all the benefit that they can, and group leaders have difficulty optimizing the amount of money that they earn. Luckily these problems with a unique system – don’t miss this groundbreaking presentation!
About Gina Hiatt, Ph.D.: Gina is a clinical psychologist, coach, and software entrepreneur. After 3 decades in private practice, she became a coach, and saw how her clients were struggling to achieve their goals. Realizing that they needed more structure, accountability, and community than one coach could provide, she created a membership site with those features. It became phenomenally successful in helping clients take action and reach their goals. As it grew, Gina hired coaches and started to earn passive income. Last year, she earned $455,000 in mostly passive income from that membership site.A few years ago, Gina started thinking, “Who wouldn’t want passive income and a cost effective way to help clients?” So she created a second company — Finish Agent® Inc — and now licenses her software and business system to other change agents. Her goal is to help coaches help their clients make real changes, one small step at a time.

The Missing Link: What You Need to 10x Your Group Coaching Success

Group coaching is immensely fulfilling, rewarding and profitable but can be challenging to develop, grow and sustain. Jason Rosado has lived through the highs and lows, and he’s found what works best and what doesn’t.
Join this inspiring and eye­opening interview to discover:

  • How to overcome the #1 most common group coaching roadblock, so you don’t waste precious weeks, months or years getting your program started.
  • If group coaching or masterminding is right for you and your clients, and when to use each to get your members the best results.
  • The three pillars of group coaching that get clients shockingly fast results right out of the gate.

About Jason Rosado: It might be his years in corporate training and leadership roles at companies like Zurich Scudder Investments and Microsoft, starting Distinctive Coaching for Business Success to coach business owners in sales and marketing growth, or his emergence as a distinguished mindset coach and energy healer with advanced coaching certifications that continues to fuel Jason’s drive to see others succeed.

His passion is clear: helping coaches and healers to double, triple or 10x their business, cut their work hours, and reach and impact more ideal clients as they build the business and lifestyle of their dreams. He’s going to share how you can do just that with this powerful formula of group coaching techniques.


How Group Coaching will help your Business and your Clients “Get-It-Done!”

Lauren has been coaching and running groups for 20 years, and is currently very excited about her “Get-It-Done” Groups, which she runs using the Finish Agent system. The book Think and Grow Rich for Women, Sharon Lechter, holds the guiding principles for her current group. She has found the missing link to achieving results within the coaching industry and the evidence to date is proving that her theory was correct. She and her clients have been thrilled with the results. Her groups are “Getting It Done” and having a whole lot fun in the process! She will be sharing her results with us, the “Secret Sauce” to Success!

About Lauren L’Amour, MS: Lauren is the founder and CEO of Life Visionary, a pioneering life coaching and spiritual mentoring practice. A certified personal and executive coach with a B.A in economics, M.S. in mental health counseling and a deep foundation in spirituality, Lauren L’Amour, MS, has become a recognized expert in personal development and leadership training during the last 20 years.

She has coached countless women through thousands of hours in this process and has helped them to power-up, align with their Soul’s purpose and bring their visions to life!

She is also licensed and trained to teach Bob Proctor’s material, (a featured expert from the movie, “The Secret,”) and has been doing so for the last 7+ years. Lauren has most recently become licensed to teach and train Mike Dooley’s Infinite Possibilities material (another featured expert from, “The Secret,”) and has become a Trailblazer within his organization.


Multiply your impact and income by certifying others to teach your signature group programs

Are you frustrated by hitting a revenue ceiling? Do you wish you could reach more people with your message? Have you ever wanted to develop a passive income stream for your business? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll want to listen closely to this program. You’ll discover how to increase your visibility and impact by certifying others to teach your programs. You’ll learn the steps to develop and entirely new revenue stream by licensing your existing programs, and you’ll discover the exact system to increase your credibility by having your programs accredited by the International Coach Federation.

About Sheila Paxton: Program Certification Expert Sheila Paxton is the go­-to person for coaches, speakers and authors who want to elevate their impact and amplify their profits by certifying others to deliver their proven and profitable programs. Clients create new revenue streams that unleash their brilliance, make a much larger global impact, and welcome more success with greater ease. The Fit 4 Love program she created and successfully delivered to hundreds of singles as a relationship coach grew so popular in such a short period of time that she had to create an efficient way to accommodate demand. She applied the insight and know-­how from her prior corporate career as an instructional designer to create curriculum for relationship coaches to apply her approach to their lasting profit advantage. Today royalty checks flow like clockwork to her mailbox. Scores of happy coaches have leveraged their impact, income and influence by certifying their methods with Sheila’s proven Product Certification Formula.


The “Soul” in Group Coaching

This interview will explore the advantages of several popular and effective coaching modalities. These include the following: the leading edge benefits of group coaching and action steps to up-level your group coaching outcomes; the integration of spiritual motivation with the Perspective Coaching Model; and the principles and practice of the Assessment Soul Mapping System. You will gain an appreciation of the use of self as an instrument of transformation, new skills on the evolutionary edge of the coaching profession, and an increased expertise in important modalities that you can use immediately to enhance your coaching and business practice.

About Georgette Star: Raised in an atmosphere of holistic health, I began my spirit journey as a youth, with the help of my parents. Eventually my search evolved into the study of East and Western spiritual traditions, Native American pathways, goddess spirituality traditions, western psychology, and numerous alternative healing art forms. My explorations have been enriched through world travel in Europe, India, Nepal and Mexico. Creative self-expression has been a golden thread of integration and joy. I received my BA in Psychology and Women’s Studies from Humboldt State University, my MA in Creation Spirituality is from the Naropa Institute and my D. Min. from the University of Creation Spirituality. I bring two decades of life experience as healer/teacher to my heart-work with Maiden Spirit. Now a grandmother, I have a passion for Creation and igniting the beauty, genius, and creative spark in others.


The Evolution of Group Coaching: How to Create Small, High­-End Groups You Love Running with Clients That Love their Results (And that keep coming back for more!)

Come hear how this long­-time coach and mentor got her start in group coaching, what she learned, what she’ll never do again, how she keeps a 50% renewal rate in her group programs, the different styles and pricing of programs she’s run (and the ones she’ll never do again), why some group programs fail (including her own!) and where she’s doing next. From leading teleclasses when they were “cutting edge technology” to what’s working now, you’ll hear it straight from someone whose entire business is based on small, high­end group programs in this very candid discussion. Most inspiring of all, you’ll see that everything Karin does is entirely replicable and is entirely manageable with just one assistant.

About Karin Rozell: Karin Rozell is an author and runs a boutique marketing and mentoring company showing personal development coaches and holistic practitioners how to create a peaceful and profitable practice on less than full­-time hours. Karin the been leading group programs for over 15 years, in her practice, for higher education and with her husband, Drew Rozell. Together they are co­-founders of the pioneering Best Little Book Program.


Change CAN Be Easy

Are you ready for something different, yet you keep doing things the old way? Are you frustrated or stuck? Do you find yourself asking, “Why is it so hard to change?” Join our conversation and learn Andrea’s 3-step technique that supports you in taking a new step, making the change you’ve been waiting for, and find that change CAN be easy. With her technique, you’ll have more fulfilling relationships, more ease, more joy and greater success.

About Andrea Isaacs: Since 1994, Andrea Isaacs has been transforming the lives of thousands of people around the world who wanted to improve relationships, weren’t fulfilling their dreams or felt “too small” or “too much.” She created this system by bridging the Enneagram, body wisdom and neuroscience. It increases emotional intelligence gently, powerfully and in a lasting way. It aligns your body, heart and mind so you can have the relationships you’ve been craving, more ease and joy while bringing your gifts to the world. Her clients have said: “For the first time, I believe my opinions matter and that I matter,” and “Even when criticized, I maintain a deep acceptance of myself and others.”


A Passion for Group Coaching Presents itself in Three Different Ways: Awesomization, Beach Profits, and Passive Income

Between being the Fearless Leader of the Awesomization Nation to hosting Ladies Only Mastermind Beach Retreats on the white sand of the Gulf of Mexico, Nicole tackles group coaching in a variety of innovative and unusual ways. She even creates Licensed Coaching programs that you, as a coach, can use as a shortcut to deliver your own group coaching. Obviously, I was thrilled to pick her brain about all three. As usual Nicole over-delivered on all fronts. Plus, she’s generously gifting a product that she sells on her site every day to everyone who listens to her interview.

About Nicole Dean: Nicole Dean is a Published Author, Popular Speaker, and a Business Consultant to really smart and successful people. Her goal is to help you Awesomize your Business, Awesomize your Life, and Awesomize the World. That’s her perfect recipe for success. Miss any of those three areas and you may find yourself a martyr if you’re not taking care of yourself, a missionary if you’re not profit­-focused, or you may feel meaningless if there’s no bigger purpose to your day. Her passion for creating active and passive streams of income has helped her lead her students by example when mentoring them to greater profits.


How to Grow your Business, Leverage your Time, Increase your Income, and Transform More Lives with Groups

Dr. Estanol will share part of her journey that inspired her to create an Intuitive Business Coaching practice based on running groups, as well as adding multiple group offerings to her Psychotherapy and Wellness practice! She will share some mistakes she has made a long the way, as well as some tips and ideas of how to reach a broader audience, leverage your time, increase your profits and make a larger impact in the world!

About Dr. Elena Estanol: Dr. Estanol is an author, speaker, peak performance psychologist and Intuitive Business Coach passionate about helping heart-centered entrepreneurs, turn their passions into profitable and transformational businesses. Dr. Estanol is the creator of the Luminous Business Mastery Blueprint and Training and the Luminous Intuitive Life Training. She has a proven system to help you breakthrough your internal barriers to success, connect to your intuition, achieve authentic confidence, and take inspired action, in a genuine way aligned with your highest purpose to maximize your income and your impact. She integrates a unique blend of tangible business strategies, spiritual alignment, and peak performance to connect you to your highest and brightest expression of your gifts, transforming your impact, your income and your life!


Share Your Way to Success: Build Your Coaching Business Through Effective Bartering

Are you banging your head against the wall because there is just too much to do in your business? You either can’t afford help or you don’t know who to hire. You are not spending time working on your business and perfecting your skills because there is just too much to do. There is a better way.

You’ll learn:

  • Why focusing on the wrong things is costing you money
  • How to quickly find the right people to help you
  • How to create system that make it easy to work with others
  • Get the help you need without spending a fortune.

About Meredith Eisenberg: Meredith Eisenberg is a collaboration expert with over 20 years of experience creating profitable partnerships for individuals, organizations and businesses of all sizes. For the past 8 years, she has helped dozens of 6 figure online businesses through innovative and collaborative marketing programs. After interviewing over 100 entrepreneurs as co-­host of the Paycheck to Passion podcast, she discovered that lack of support was one of the top issues facing entrepreneurs. In response to that, she co­founded the Time Traders Club ­ a virtual time bank ­ which allows members to trade the skills they have for the skills they need ­ an hour for an hour.




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